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So guys here's a easier way to root and unroot andflash recovery on your xolo Q800 (without any pc).

(this method can be used on any mediatek device. Q1000,q700,q600...
But recovery for each device will differ except for q700
Here's cwm download link for Q1000 http://d-h.st/drQ )



Install framaroot

Select boromir now n reboot your phone.


Download twrp.rar from here http://www.mediafire.com/?d3vziu3dt2yr3hg

Locate twrp2.4.1.0.rar on your sd card n extract recovery.img using es file manager or unrar lite 

Copy recovery.img to root of your sd card.


This screen will come up select recovery.img n select ok, then reboot into recovery n viola your phone is rooted n you flashed twrp recovery too

NOW HOW TO GAIN BACK WARRANTY (i.e. Unroot n flash back stock recovery)
 Unrooting and flashing back stock recovery to gain back warranty.

Download stock recovery.omg from here: http://androidjugaad.com/showthread.php?tid=1783

Delete recovery.img if there is any already present in the root of your sd card, now copy this recovery.img to the root of your sd card

Now open mobile uncle tools and flash the stock recovery 

And reboot to recovery to check (you may skip this step)
Now open farmaroot app n select unroot option from the drop down menu and click on boromir.

And viola you've gained back your warranty.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alternative Custom V4 (by back37) smooooth n quick response ♥

Alternative Custom V4 (by back37) smooooth n quick response ♥


A new alternative.
This time is based on the port official firmware Amoi N828 5.5 mixed with 5.6.

Works quickly, hardcoding much less, but a little less functional than the Custom V2 ...
Changes from the original port: - Russian localization, including the Russian T9 - Advanced Power Menu - A small correction logging - Removed left soft - 5x4 home screen grid - Root, ro.secure = 0, dexopt-wrapper, busybox, init.d and init. d.looped - GAPPS, ES Explorer - Fix buttons on your headset (for a detailed description of the changes in the Custom V2) - Autoruns Management in settings - Opacity in the launcher - Radio multi-station instead of 5 - slightly expanded menu Developer - Calculator of CyanogenMod10 - Gionee compass seems everything ... Installation: This time is even easier: Hat -> Manual -> Getting Root.

Only instead of SU use firmware
. All user data will be deleted download links: Mirror 2: http://d-h.st/9md Small fix: http://4pda.ru/forum/dl/post/3009084/Fix.zip (282.38 KB) Fix removal: http://4pda.ru/forum/dl/post/3009685/FiX2.zip (4.06 MB) PS WiFi Direct not working and USB internet also works the other hand, switching the storage can not recover data from other firmware! The only thing that is possible - this application. Restore SMS, contacts, settings, and other punishable by bugs!

S4 Themed Awesome XOLO Q800 ROM

S4 Themed Awesome XOLO Q800 ROM

the power of Samsung S4 framework

Star PIP + multi-language + optimized power

ROM test very good, :P

mutillanguage in Gionee GN708W

Chinese Brief: Porting mobile uncle Samsung N828 area high imitation S4 card brush ROM,

basically perfect, welcome!

LINK --> http://files.china-iphone.ru/312S4UI.zip

New link -->https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8fSOGC1-sgYdVVCSC1iTkhrbkE/edit?usp=sharing


Lewa new Rom by back37

Port of Lewa JYG4 14.06.13.

tested by Admins.

works smooth n quick ,

no native videocall ,

no GAPS, u need flash gaps(http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip) .

Download link for rom :-> http://files.china-iphone.ru/222IQ446_4.2.1_LEWA_OS_from_JY_G4_signed.zip

u need to flash supersu thru recovery for root access
( https://www.facebook.com/download/575524759135802/UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.04.zip)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Volume Increase:-

Volume Increase:-
Dial *#443366# on stock dial paid and follow this trick to increase volume 

enter in to EngineerMode, plz be careful, do not change any data that you do not understand, or maybe cause many BUG and you device can not use.

How to increase ringtone volume for  mobile phone, after setting the follow steps successfully, reboot your device.

keep the How to increase Mic Volume audio-normal mode type-mic
level 6 is the max
level 1 is min
after setting finished, reboot your device

For some version rom, we can not save the level 6.  then follow this, only change the max vol to 160.

Shady contacts :- hide communication from specific contacts

With the help of shady contacts to hide communication from specific contacts or numbers. It’s a great app to pull someone out of your contact list and hide all traces of communication with them behind the shady contacts app.
You can move people, logs, and texts in and out of shady with little effort. It included more superior features. They are
·        You can hide messages and call logs away from others
·        Unlock code protection
·        To support holo theme
·        Restore call logs, text messages from to stock apps
·        Option to hide app from launcher
·        Auto lock, auto destroys and quick lock
Once you have added the selected contacts or numbers, all messages and all call logs with that contact disappear from the phones stock app. That the selected messages and call logs appear inside the shady contacts. Just download and use it definitely it is for your privacy control.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Install Flash Player in Android

How to Download and Install Flash Player in Android

The interesting news for all the Android lovers. You can easily download and install flash player in android. Today I bring the article about how to download and install flash player in android. Simple and very safe method we introduce in this session. And also you can get the flash up and running on your device.
We all are known that android is the latest operating system and also it has different  with different functionality. Nowadays we all are upgraded android in to the jelly bean. Before to download the flash player, we want to know something. Adobe is no longer support flash for android. With the help of adobe some device is work fine but the others no chances.
We always access the Flash contents, that the time we will get the error message. To overcome that issue with the help of this article .read carefully. In order to get the flash on your android phone, need to download APK files. With the help of APK file you can easily access it and handle it without trouble. After installing the APK files on your device want to follow some procedure. We explain the procedure step by step. Here is the steps just look into it.
Step 1: Just to download the latest flash player for your android Smartphone.
Step 2: After finishing your download, connect your phone to the PC and move the APK files to SD card slot.
Step 3: After you are done moving the APK files to SD, disconnect the phone from the computer.
Step 4: Take Google play store, and choose your own file manager download. That is ES file explorer or Astro file manager.
Step 5: Now the time to install the file manager on your phone.tap to open it and use in app instruction to install the APK File.
Step 6: After completing the installation, have the flash player smoothly installed on your android phone.
Step 7: And once again take the Google play store and want to download the Dolphin HD browser .it support the flash content files.
Step 8: Once you complete the installation of Dolphin HD tap to launch it and check the availability of flash content and also the flash based websites.
Ste 9: Now the device is ready to play all the flash based content, check with the availability.

This is the easiest and effective way to install the flash player for your android device. 

Top 5 Tips To Save Battery for Android Mobile

Nowadays we all familiar with Android mobiles.While accessing the Android mobile we all are wish to access the multitask, so that’s why we need to save battery for android mobile. All well known companies mainly aim to produce our easy of access,requirements and needs with new technology.that allows users to access the games,play mp3,video and access internet.for all the purpose we need the best battery capacity.
We all know that save battery life for android mobile is the most important part in busy day to day lives.just imagine when you need to send an important mail or make an important call that the time your mobile give a warning message like “low battery” definitely irritate with your phone.certainly ,this article is to provide the best tips to save battery life for android mobile or tablet.We already discussed about in the previous session best battery saver apps for android.just give a look.

1.Turn off unwanted features like bluetooth,GPS,Wi-Fi
Mainly the biggest battery killer on our mobiles and smartphones are extra features like Bluetooth,GPS and Wi-Fi.because they are looking for possible networks,connections and details.we suggest you that when you need to access the certain features that time turn on the feature and do your work.the best way to save the battery life.

2. Customize your display screen brightness
The screen of your cell phone drains a lot of  its battery life.All cell phone and smartphones are have the auto adjust option to controll the brightness.you can adjust the brightness even lower to conserve more battery life.just try with this tips definitely you conserve your phone battery life and set the brightness to as low as  you are comfortable with.

3. Turn off push notification and data fetching
In our modern technology is having everything delivered to us instantly.suppose you send a sms suddenly you get a delivery report.the constant data checking keeps our phones from lasting very long.you can adjust your data fetching periods and push notifiction in your phone settings.it manual can make a huge difference in your phone battery capacity.try out this to ensure your mobile long lasting battery life.

4. Dont waste battery capacity while searching the signal
We all are very anxious to search the signal for make an urgent call  or to send a critical mails.depends our mobile signal is the another main part.We all familiar to know our mobile technology work in different network like 2G and 3G,.if you are in an area with a weak 3G network ,just deactivate the 3G network and go with 2G.we know all the networks has their own features but sometime its not properly coverage the signal.so dont follow the featured signal.its affect your phone battery life.

5. Keep your phone cool
Heat is the next killing factor of your phone battery.always we seen in some particular  areas,the mobile is put it in a overheating hot car.We must keep our phone in a cool place.its also better for mobile battery life.just avoid to keep your mobile on a hot place.try this and save your mobile battery.
These are the tips are definitely helps in future.just give a look for to improve the ideas.


Top 10 Camera Apps For Q800

Here is TOP 10 Camera Apps For XOLO Q800

Camera 360 ultimate is one of the best camera app for android. It include the tag line is art in your hand.with the help of camera 360 ultimate you can easily capture an image of the reality.lets you manage your photos quicker and also speedifies the image capture and processing time.try with your version and enjoy the occasions.

The next amazing camera app for android is camera magic. Its really provide the magic of ideal photos.is useful it can be installed free of cost on your android smartphones.with the camera magic you can easily your photos into artistic shapes with expressions.it can also include their own features and it also provides the special effects for funniest photograph.try the version and enjoy it.

Fx camera is one of the best camera app for android.it can be installed free of cost. With the help of fx camera you can able to create the professionalphotograph.it includes the several modes for creating the professional photographs.try your version and enjoy the moments with camera apps.

Action snap is the fantastic camera app for android.we can take all the realistic picture or photographs as in unique or ideal.imagine at the same time you can take the multiple photos and you never missed out any actions or movements in occassions. the name itself you can know that the app will help you capture all the snaps.try your verison and give the valuable suggestion.

Pudding camera is the next amazing camera app for android.it is the most useful camera apps that comes with 9 quality.it is easy to access and simply interface.with the help of pudding camera you can capture all kind of memorable occasional photographs.take it as your own unique photographs through pudding camera.

Multi lens camera is the next superior camera app for android.multi lens camera app is similar to the action snap.that means with the help of multi lens camera you can take the multiple photographs at the same time.else you take it as in different angles.try your version.enjoy it.

Snapseed is the next most useful camera app for android.is an award winning app which dramatically improves how your photos looks through the incredible advanced digital software.it include the best feature is to adjust to transform an average snap into a photo worth framings. It is easy to use and interface. Try it. 

Sketch guru is the next wonderful camera app for android.basically its for professional .with the help of this app you can be used to create pencil sketch of your photos.you can install this app for free.and the exciting feature is to share the photographs through social sharing option.try with your versions.

Camera+ is the next amazing camera app for android.it often quite simple and easy to use. Camera+enables you to take more advanced photographs.try with the versions and enjoy it.

Best camera app

Top 10 Video Player For xolo Q800 .

Rock Player
Rock player is one of the best video <a href="#" role=button>apps for android</a>. With the help of Rock player you can plays almost everything faster, audio and video are synchronized perfectly. It includes the special features are:
· Rock Share- exchange files between many devices over Wi-Fi
· Progress bar reinvented
· It can support to play all file formats
· Customizable play control bar
· Media file management
· Network streaming
· Gesture control

Its user experiences optimized for touch screen. This functionality gets popular.

BS Player
The next is a superior video app for android that is BS Player. It is a media player for android devices. It supporting hardware accelerated video decoding. It includes the main features are:
· Support for almost all video and audio file type
· Audio pre-amplification
· Playback in pop –up window
· Playback media files
· Zoom and aspect ratio adjustment
· No advertisements

VLC for Android

VLC for android is play most local audio and video files as well as network stream. It is entirely free and open source cross platform multimedia player. With the help of VLC for android you can play most multimedia files as well as discs, devices and network streaming. It includes the features are:
· Play local audio and video
· You can browse folders directly
· For support multi-track audio and subtitles
· Support auto-rotation, aspect ratio adjustment and gestures control

Try it to analyze the app and download it in your android device.

MX Player

The best way to enjoy your movies with MX Player. With the help of MX player which supports multi –code decoding. It also has their own features like:
· Kids lock
· Pinch to zoom
· Multi-core decoding
· Hardware acceleration
· Subtitle scroll

The best video player for android that is MXPlayer. It is a hardware accelerated media player for android. It support all the file formats. MXPlayer se Hardware video decoder at various containers. Download and enjoy it.

Archos Video Player
This is entirely different from other video player app. This app is available for all android tablets and phones. This app is offers an uncompressed multimedia experiences. With the help of this app has the ability to play content from your computer, network storage, external USB devices. Feel their best for download and use it.

Plex for Android
The next video player app id Plex for android. It capable of organizing your media. It allowing you to view all your music ,photos and videos it allow you to get to online content from many of our favorite online provider.try it with your version and enjoy it

Dice player
The next fabulous video player app for android is Dice player. We suggest that who is looking out for good video app dice is the best. It also includes the best features are:
· Playback speed control
· Network support
· Subtitle format
· Support to play all the file format

Try with your version and enjoy it.

Vital player
Another good choice of video player for android is vital player. It supports all video and audio codec’s. This software provides smooth quality video display.try it with your version.

Mobo Video Player

Last and final video player for android is mobo video player. It support all the most popular video formats without any conversion. With the help of this app scans your phones videos and makes you easier to manage the videos. It support all the video formats and also support flash format videos.try it


Shahid Saiyed ( Xolo Q800 (Q-Core Facebook Group ) )

Difference Between Xolo Q800 & Q700 Processor and GPU

Difference Between Xolo Q800 & Q700 Processor and GPU (As per Xolo's Official website)

XOLO Q 800 :-
XOLO Q800 has MTK 6589 M CPU 1.2GHz AP,
Quad core ARM Cortex A7
PowerVR SGX544 Clock Speed 286 MHz
Resolution QHD 540x960  245 ppi
8MP Autofocus Camera with BSI and CMOS sensors
1MP Front Facing Camera

XOLO Q700 :-
XOLO Q700 has MTK 6589 W-M  CPU 1.2 Ghz,
Quad-core ARM Cortex A7
Graphics PowerVR SGX544 Clock speed  238 MHz
QHD 540x960   245 PPI
5MP Autofocus Camera with BSI and CMOS sensors
1MP Front Facing Camera

So here is the main difference between xolo q800 and q700 both chipset are different have same cpu with 1.2 ghz and same ARM A7 ans same PPI.
The main Difference is with Graphics MTK 6589 M Comes with New XOLO Q800 (as Per xolo) can run GPU with 286 Mhz Speed While other side Xolo Q700 with MTK6589 W-M (as per xolo) can only run Gpu with 238Mhz Speed.

Top ten things you need to do after buying your Xolo Q800

1. Root and Custom Recovery: Obviously. This would the first step anyone has to do. For those who don’t know what is rooted phone and recovery partition, you could to the link for more info. But any mediocre or pro android user would consider this as the “mother” step towards modifying your device. Recovery is something you will require for and ever.
PS : While installing Recovery, I would recommend all of you to go for TWRP rather than CWM 

How To : Installing CWM and TWRP Recovery

2. Backing up your Stock ROM : Wondering what a ROM is ? Well to keep it simple it is somewhat like the OS of your comp. Once you have your Recovery Installed. The first thing you have to do is BACKUP your Stock ROM. This Backup will be helpful if you damage your device(software) or what is usually called as soft bricked your phone. This Backing up of your ROM is also called NANDROID BACKUP.

How To: It is very simple. Go to your Recovery mode. Select Backup. And well backup your ROM !! 

3. CUSTOM ROM : Well this had to be the third. CUSTOM ROM are basically modified ROM. They have many goodies pre-installed. There are many CUSTOM ROM available in this forum. But for now the best has been ULTIMATE V1 by themed by Brajesh. 

How To: Just go to thread of any custom rom and you will find the instructions. 

4. Modding or Modifying ROM : This is also a very nice feature. Here we basically edit the ROMs internal stuff to our own choice so as to make it better. XOLO Q800 is an awesome mobile, but in one this i.e. MUSIC … it has let down. But well not to worry. Many MODs have been uploaded to improve music, display, performance etc. 


1. AC!D Sound Mod : I guess this has been the most common and best mod for audio 

2. Sony Bravia Engine 2 + Album + Movie 

3. Change bootanimation

5. Minor Tweaking: Here you basically change and uninstall some crappy system apps and other unwanted stuff. I found two apps perfect for this

Titanium Backup (Pro) 
Android Tweaker (Pro)

6. Root Access Browsing and Exploring: Well this is one of the main feature of rooting. You can access to the root of your phone. By doing this you can change your boot animation, boot sound, default font, Edit BUILD.prop ( This is very common while modding .. Google it for more info)etc. For this you need root explorer 

APP : ES File Explorer

7. Apps and Data backup : Well this is very common backup. It is basically copying all your files,apps and their data ,so that you can recover later .. Well undoubtedly the ultimate app for this is TITANIUM BACK UP (root is must) and even there is one more app MY BACKUP (root not necessary) . 

8. INSTALLING SOME TOP CLASS/USEFUL APPS : My list . These are just for general day to day purpose.

• Adobe Reader
• Avast Antivirus
• All-in-one Toolbox
• Android Tweaker Pro
• Battery Doctor 
• Beautiful Widgets
• BusyBox pro
• Camera Pro 
• Chrome
• Flash Light
• Lucky patcher
• Mobile Care by IObit
• MX video player 
• Nova Launcher / Holo Launcher
• Office Suite Pro
• Poweramp (Music Player) / Walkman / Rocket Music Player Pro
• SuperSu Pro (Obviously it is there in every rooted phone..)
• Tapatalk 2
• Teminal Emulator 
• Zooper Widget 

9 . MOBILE COVER: Well Last but not the least a mobile pouch or Cover for your Device coz Software can be somehow repaired remotely by asking people.. but hardware.. You don’t want that to be damaged !! ;D 

Links : 
Buy Flap Cover For Xolo Q800

10. Volume Increase:-

Dial *#443366# on stock dial pad and follow this trick to increase volume 

Xolo Q800 Vs Q1000

Xolo Q800 Vs Xolo Q1000

Q 800 :-

Xolo Q800 comes with 4.5-inch qHD IPS display.

Internally, the device packs in 1GB of RAM PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor PPI 249nd 4GB of internal storage, which can be expanded by up to 32GB via microSD card.

It runs on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). There is an 8-megapixel autofocus rear snapper with LED flash, a 1-megapixel front camera.

 Xolo Q800 also comes in with YAMAHA 168 PA music system and comes with features such as 'Shake to change the song' and auto filter in music settings to filter the songs based on their size.

Q 1000 :- 

the Xolo Q1000 features a 5-inch IPS display that has a resolution of 720x1280 pixels with a pixel density of 295ppi.

The screen is made of scratch resistant Dragon Trail glass.

The dual-SIM (GSM+GSM) phone runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

It has 1GB of RAM and PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor PPI 295.

The phone with 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and BSI sensor and a 1.2-megapixel front facing camera.

Q1000's has hard camera key on right side of phone which is good.

both have same battery  but as its 5 inch screen battery backup is lower than q800.

Biggest cons of Q1000

Q800 is packed of all sensors ( Accelerometer,Gyroscope,Magnetometer,Ambient light sensor,Proximity sensor)
Q1000 is way behind in that area... lack of sensors biggest con..... only  Accelerometer  Proximity sensor )


Xolo Q800 Rs. 10450-11500.
XoloQ1000 Rs. 14500 flipkart only...

SO its upto U... If my view Q800 is way better than Q1000 in many aspects... Price o is lower than Q1000 and full packed of sensors and Best Support 

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Installing CWM Recovery Or TWRP Recovery on Xolo Q800

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XOLO Q800 (Q-core)

Hey Guys, After a long wait finally I have finally ported a working CWM recovery for Xolo q800. 

Thanks to Sameer@X (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2200343)
I am posting Following Tutorial to install CWM on Xolo Q800

(note : This Procedure is not mine, I cannot assure this will work on your device, I have successfully installed this CWM on my device with this method which i found on http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2200343,  All credit goes to developer of this Post for letting us know the Procedure)

First Things to Know,
1) Xolo Q800 can be un-bricked with tool named SP FLASH TOOL
so don't worry if you are facing a boot-loop (Your phone is freezing on Xolo Logo)

2) There is no other method than installing CWM (or TWRP) Recovery to Root your phone (to give phone Superuser Access)

3) There are Three Other Same Phone Models in other Countries Known as Gionee Dream D1, AllView p5 Quad and Fly IQ446 (their ROM's could work on this phone as their Hardwares are same.

Install CWM Recovery (or TWRP Recovery)
(do at your own risk, I am not responsible if your device bricked or exploded or get any kind of damage :P)
(note: Procedure to install CWM Recovery and TWRP recovery are almost same, it's upto you which one you wants)

You will need Following Things to Install CWM Recovery (or TWRP Recovery)


1) CWM Recovery (Download Here)
2) TWRP Recovery (Download Here)
3) SP Flash Tool (Download Here)
4) SuperUser (CWM Flashable Zip) (Download Here)
5) Drivers For Xolo q800 (Vcom Drivers - Needed to use with SP Flash Tool) (Download Here)
6) ADB Drivers (Optional if you need for some debugging) (Download Here)

Let's Start

1) Download and Extract SP Flash tool from Above Link

2) Extract VCOM Drivers on Desktop

3) Switch off you Xolo q800 and just plug usb data cable into it, don't switch on device

4) Go to Device Manager and you will see Gxxx (New device)

5) Right Click it (click on update driver and locate Vcom folder you extracted early)
(note: if you are using Windows 8 then you must turn of Digital Driver Signing enforcement to install this drivers successfully) See this to know 'how to do that'

6) After Successfully Installed Driver Start SP Flash tool from Extracted Folder

7) Click on File and select open scatter Loading file

8) Select Scatter loading file from extracted CWM recovery Folder click Open

9) CWM Recovery should automatic Loaded, if not make sure you have selected proper CWM Recovery.img

10) Select Window in Menu then click on Write Memory

11) go to Write Memory, click on Open RAW image, select proper CWM recovery.img, Click on EMMC, set the values as shown in the Image below 

12) Remove your phone if connected to USB, Switch it off, we need it switched off only dont connect USB yet,
Click on Write Memory button as shown in below image, after clicking that button then Connect your phone to USB cable (in switched off mode) if you have installed drivers properly it will start the process

13) When you connect your phone, PreLoader will detect your phone and Will start loading, (you will see the RED bar loading)
14) After PreLoader Finishes, Recovery.img will be pushed to your phone, (you will see green bar loading)

15)After Completion you will see a Green OK box, simply close it and done

Congratulations You have successfully installed CWM Recovery,
too boot into Recovery, 
Press and Hold Volume+ key and Power On key for 5-10 Seconds and Done!
(some phones will not boot with this Combination, try second one)
Press and Hold Volume+ key and Power On key for 2 Sec, then Release Volume + key for 1 Sec, then Release Power On key for 1 Sec, then again press and Hold Volume + key and Power On Key

or Reboot in Recovery by installing ROM manager on your Device.. :)
Those Who want to install TWRP Recovery should follow same steps with TWRP recovery.img